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Valuation Services
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Carlson Norris & Associates is your local expert in real estate residential and commercial appraisals for over 40 years. Given our vast experience of working with a broad spectrum of properties and clients, at Carlson Norris we’ve taken on a full range of challenges and conquered them all for our clients.

Carlson Norris & Associates affirm the ideals of providing objective, well supported, credible analysis, so that clients can better understand the nature of specific real estate investments. As well as real estate appraisals, you can also take advantage of our expertise for overall market analysis. This includes appraisal review, market rent studies, feasibility studies, eminent domain analysis, insurable replacement cost, expert witness testimony and overall real estate investment.

As a subsidiary of the KOVA Companies, we have a wide range of experience and capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. Helping KOVA achieve our mission of offering you the support you need every time you call us. Explore KOVA in greater detail at kovapartners.com.

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